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And people say that video games aren’t art.

I love this post, but where are the Bioshock quotes? Bioshock has tons of interesting shit. And I can think of a few better Fallout quotes. Come on now, Fawkes was a beast of a companion, but Fawkes was not that interesting of a character. And what about Vaas from Far Cry 3? Or the Gravemind from Halo? Those characters said some interesting stuff. “Have I ever told you the definition of insanity…?” The quote doesn’t have to be a motivational speech from a protagonist to be considered “artistic.” This post is pretty cool, but I would have used different quotes and a few different games. Needs more variety.

Anyways, video games can be nothing more than a silly game, but sometimes a video game can have a brilliant story that could never be told in a book or on the big screen. I can think of plenty of video games that can/should be considered art. I wouldn’t say all video games are art, because many are just simulated sports or board games. But so many games have such interesting stories that so many people are missing out on.

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